Which Are You?

You can’t break me and fix me at the same time

You are either the medicine that heals me or the disease that kills me

And believe you me

You can never be both.


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11 thoughts on “Which Are You?

  1. I found it really interesting.
    People once were a priority in our life but now we even don’t miss them.

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    1. The sadness 😕 and mind you these are the people we held close in heart


  2. I loved how you separate bad from good. either it is good for us or bad for us. I believe things can be beaten with a good clear mental attitude through daily prayers and reading scriptures. I am still going through a bad thing but it is going away. A posiitve attitude is also required to be successful in life.

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    1. Amen to that. Prayer is a mighty sword… mixed it with faith you can move mountains. I hope that you get throu whatever it is that you are goin thru. Remember in every trial we encounter we come out of it stronger and wiser. ❤

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      1. You are so right we do. I have a strong faith that has come with a strong belief in God, His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost which is because I follow his word and his commandments.

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      2. ❤😚😊 carry on … you on stepping on the right footprints

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      3. That is right I am my friend !! Proud to be stepping on the right foot prints !

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  3. Exactly

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  4. Reblogged this on I Write Her and commented:
    Precious’ words powerfully speak the truth in this piece; conviction and strength are also quite evident. I’m very happy to add this to my collection of pieces that hit home. Enjoy!

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