Beautiful Little Girl

Hey lovely bloggers😊. Let me share a lil bit of my personal experience with you all. Twas fun writing this and I hope it helps someone out there 😉

Happy reading 😁

Growing up I was labeled as ugly because of my beautiful dark skin and nappy hair. Beautiful was something else but definitely not my skin color and myself. So I started having self esteem issue, self hatred and low self confidence. I often wanted to change myself into something that woul fit their description of beauty but I couldn’t change who I was.

Beautiful was that light skinned girl with long straight hair and a thin figure. Something I was absolutely not.

Growing up I realised that what I was exposed to when I was little somehow affected how I see myself and that’s sad really. When someone would tell me that I’m beautiful I’d have that voice in my head that reassures me that I should not get over my head because I’m not. That sucked because every compliment I got I took it as a ridicule that how can she/ he says that I’m beautiful. Is he mocking me?

Long story short. I woke up one-day and realized that I’m too precious to be doing this thing of not believing in myself. I told myself each day that I’m beautiful in my dark skin that I wouldn’t trade for anything. God created me so He didn’t create a failour and it’s about time I start loving myself. I reminded myself that I’m perfect.

I’m getting there. I have my moments but I’m gladly getting there.

There goes Precious 😍

May we build our young girls believing that their natural beauty is perfect

May we mold them to believing that their worth is out of this world

May we ensure that their confidence and self love is enhanced

They matter. How they see themselves matter. Because all this… this foundation can build your young one into something greater.

Tell them they are precious. You love them. You appreciate them. They are beautiful. God loves them. They matter. They are perfect. Their skin color is perfect. Their nappy hair is rich and amazing. Tell them their natural beauty is amazing.

Happiness on my rich melanin skin


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16 thoughts on “Beautiful Little Girl

  1. Lovely post. You are beautiful and you have an inner beauty which many fail to have.

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    1. Thank you so much❤ you are too kind😊

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  2. I all skins, and everyone is beautiful in their own peculiar way. They just have to find “that” and that settles it. Lovely post.

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Tebatjo. Everyone is indeed beautiful in their own peculiar way. I wish I could scream this to everyone to hear 😊

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  3. Beautifully told… 🙂

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  4. Dear Precious, you have my deepes respect !
    Such a powerfull article full with love and truth -it is a really good present for all of us.
    In beloved connection with your inner beauty and truth
    yours Marina

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    1. I’m glady you enjoyed reading this Marina😊 you have my deepest respect as well. You are just full of kindness.
      God bless your lovely heart


  5. Uhmm…black is beautiful and so are you dear!

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    1. Thank you 🤗🤗 you are beautiful too😙


  6. Great article. Thank you. And of course you ‘re BEAUTIFUL, darling. Stay beautiful !


  7. Reblogged this on words less spoken and commented:
    to all my sisters and brothers with much love thank you Precious ❤

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