Not so fun

School is fun till you fail a paper you probably shouldn’t have. A number of factors could help explain this: You probably did not explain enough, Or you became so confident in the subject to even try, Perhaps you paid more attention to your new favorite thing do – Perhaps you were busy blogging? Msdedeng

Not so fun

She’s spying on me with her little eye.

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4 thoughts on “Not so fun

  1. LOl, I am relieved someone relates, and thanks for sharing it.


  2. Well, better get back to work then, Precious.


  3. A friendly Hello! I like the new outfit with this picture with flowers in the head very much! Respect!!!
    I wish and pray for all the best for you! Marina ❤


  4. All is well until we do not do so well. Love the choice of photo fabulous colour. Great new Logos well done.


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